Finally getting some work posted!

29 09 2014

It has been a bit crazy around here.  Finally get a chance to post recent cakes.  Thanks to all of you guys for thinking outside of the box & keeping me on my toes!


Busy Winter

20 01 2013

Well, the kitchen remodel is completed & everyone has kept my ovens going!  Thanks to all of the referrals, I really appreciate them!

Wii Cookies High Heel Shoe Giraffe Elephant cupcakes ZigZag 50th Shimmer Lamb Baby Shower Dora the Explorer Hello Kitty Number 3 Train Pig Cupcakes Beyblade

Summer is here!

14 06 2012

Boy, May was hectic. It was definitely a party month for you guys! I can honestly say I’m glad it’s over & summer is here!

Finally getting some pics added!

12 03 2012

Thanks to all of my clients for leting me create these cake for them! It was a blast!

Keeping busy!

26 01 2012

This is usually a slow time of year, not so much this year. It’s been fun!

Fun Birthdays!

22 12 2011

Crazy busy week of fun cakes!
Family guy & birthday boy for a 50th roast!